Coriolanus - Bard in the BotanicsBard in the Botanics


Directed by Gordon Barr

“This Coriolanus is grown from man to dragon.

There is no more mercy in her than there is milk in a male tiger.

She wants nothing of a god but eternity and a heaven to throne in.”

Soldier, war hero and defender of Rome, Coriolanus is also proud, arrogant and contemptuous of the people. But the Roman people are starving and hungry for change and, after speaking out against them one too many times, Coriolanus is driven out of Rome.

But when Coriolanus teams up with an old enemy to wage war on Rome, the city’s greatest hero becomes its greatest threat.

Shakespeare’s searing tragedy of political manipulation and revenge makes its Bard in the Botanics’ debut in the stunning surroundings of the Kibble Palace Glasshouse.




Thurs 23rd June
7.45 p.m.


Fri 24th June – Sat 9th July
8.00 p.m.
(no performances on Sundays or Mondays)


Kibble Palace Glasshouse

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