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Macbeth Tour

Directed by Gordon Barr

“What’s done cannot be undone”

A prophesy is made – Macbeth shall be king – but the only way to achieve the crown is murder. Supported and encouraged by his wife, the deed is done but “blood will have blood” and soon their actions return to haunt them both.

Having ripped away the veneer of respectability and plunged into evil, this once glamorous couple descend in to a hell of their own making, their relationship and their sanity tested to breaking point in this tense, dramatic thriller.

A cast of 5 actors bring to life an electrifying new version of one of Shakespeare’s most popular and enduring plays.


Please note:

This production contains scenes of violence and themes of an adult nature which may be unsuitable for younger audiences.

Tues 2nd & Weds 3rd August, 7.3o p.m.
Dundee Botanic Gardens

*** UPDATE ***
Due to forecast rain, Tuesday 2nd August’s performance will play in Dundee Rep Theatre.

(please note this is an outdoor performance)

St Andrews:
Fri 5th & Sat 6th August, 7pm
St Andrew’s Botanic Gardens
(please note this is an outdoor performance)

Sunday 7th August, 7.30pm
Cawdor Castle
(please note this is an outdoor performance)

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